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Betty Riley Stockard oral history interview
Born-digital video recording of an oral history with Betty Riley Stockard and interviewer Dan Hagedorn, recorded as part of The Museum of Flight Oral History Program, March 19, 2014.

[Pages from William H. Cook, Jr.'s pilot logbook, 1936-1937]
Select pages from one of William H. Cook, Jr.'s pilot logbooks, 1936-1937. Includes aircraft and flight details, such as dates, locations, license numbers, and remarks. One page includes a notarized statement regarding Cook's flight time. Frequent…

[Aerial view of mountains in Montana]
Aerial photograph of mountains in Montana, September 12, 1937.Inscription on verso: "A - [blank]. B - K-3B, Sec no. 23-7, Ross w/ angle 8 1/4''. C - Fairchild C-8A. D. - Pilot Lt. Harley. Photographer T. Sgt. Brees. E. - Mount Coram Area, Montana F.…
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