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[Parachutist Katharina Paulus and unidentified man in balloon]
Composite photograph of parachutist Katharina Paulus and an unidentified man, possibly her husband Hermann Lattemann, in a balloon, circa 1890s.

[Postcard of Paul Tissandier piloting Wright aircraft]
Photographic postcard of Paul Tissandier piloting a Wright aircraft, Le Mans, France, circa 1909-1910. Includes a portrait of Tissandier. Typed caption: "1133. M. Tissandier, élève de Wilbur Wright, pilotant un aéroplane système Wright." Typed on…

[Illustrations and photographs of Caudron Type R.11 (R XI) aircraft]
Composite photograph featuring illustrations and photographs of the Caudron Type R.11 (R XI) aircraft from various angles, circa 1914-1919.

[Front, rear, and side images of Fokker D.VII aircraft]
Composite photograph featuring front, rear, and side images of a Fokker D.VII aircraft (tail number 2009/18), circa 1914-1919.Caption: "Fokker Biplane Scout, Type-D7."

[Silhouetted images of De Havilland D.H.10 aircraft]
Composite photograph featuring five silhouetted images of the De Havilland D.H.10 aircraft, circa 1914-1919.

[Portraits of servicemen superimposed over aerial photograph of Dun-sur-Meuse, France]
Composite photograph featuring portraits of servicemen superimposed over an aerial photograph of Dun-sur-Meuse, France, circa 1917-1919. The men are identified by first initial and last name in the capations.Inscription: "US 1A 24Sq B89 Dun Sur Meuse…

[Front, rear, and side images of Halberstadt C.II aircraft]
Composite photograph featuring front, rear, and side images of a Halberstadt C.II aircraft, circa 1918.Caption: "Halberstadt Fighter. Type CL.2."

Parachute successfully used by German Flyers [Composite photograph]
Composite photograph showing how German pilots utilize parachutes, circa 1918.Typed caption: "Parachute successfully used by German Flyers."

[Aerial view of Ars-sur-Moselle, France]
Composite aerial photographs of Ars-sur-Moselle, France, circa 1918.Inscription: "Photo Americaine, 91 Sq. B 36. Gare de Ars-sur Moselle. [Translation: American Photo. Train depot of Ars-sur Moselle.]"

[Aerial view and map of Étraye, France]
Composite aerial photograph and reconnaissance map of a military camp near Étraye, France, circa 1918. A munitions depot, train station, and living area are marked on the map.Inscription: "2e Armèe Aéronautique Etraye. Gare. Depot Munitions Photo G…
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