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Feindeliche Frontflugzeuge (Allied Aircraft) [Booklet]
Booklet, "Feindeliche Frontflugzeuge (Allied Aircraft)," 1945. Contains photographs and technical specifications about fighter and bomber aircraft of the Royal Air Force, U.S. Army Air Forces, and Soviet Air Force. Item is written in German. 23 typed…

[Bristol Fighter F.2B aircraft]
Photograph of a Bristol Fighter F.2B aircraft (tail number P 37) of McCook Field, U.S. Army Air Corps, circa 1910s-1930s. The aircraft has a Royal Flying Corps roundel on the fuselage.

[Boulton Paul Sidestrand aircraft in flight]
Photograph of a Royal Air Force Boulton Paul Sidestrand aircraft (tail number J 7938) in flight, circa 1920-1930s.

[Vickers Warwick C.Mk.III aircraft]
Photographic slide of a Royal Air Force Vickers Warwick C.Mk.III aircraft, England, circa 1944. Inscription on slide: "8."Typed caption on accompanying document: "8. RAF plane."

"Never was so much owed by so many to so few"
Poster of Royal Air Force servicemen in flight gear, undated reproduction by Vintage Arte, based on an original design from the 1940s. Numbered 101 of 2500. Text: "'Never was so much owed by so many to so few.' The Prime Minister."

[Hawker Tempest aircraft in flight during air show, Frankfurt, Germany]
Oblique aerial photograph of Royal Air Force Hawker Tempest aircraft in flight during an air show, Frankfurt, Germany, June 10, 1945.Caption: "(US 30/6172) 10 June 45 (F/12)//67T/RGP 1315B."Inscription on verso: "Frankfurt Air Show."Stamped on verso:…

[Damaged Airspeed Horsa Mk.I gliders, Normandy, France]
Aerial photograph of damaged Royal Air Force Airspeed Horsa Mk.I gliders, Normandy, France, circa 1944-1945. Typed caption: "British 'Horsa' troop gliders - Normandy."

[Serviceman standing next to Airspeed Horsa Mk.I (AS.51) glider]
Photograph of a serviceman standing next to an Airspeed Horsa Mk.I (AS.51) glider (fuselage designation FERQ), RAF Elsham Wolds (England), August 1946. Inscription on verso: "Still [illegible]! 21 H.G.C.S. Elsham Wolds. August 1946."

[G.A.L. GAL.48 Hotspur Mk.II glider]
Photograph of a G.A.L. GAL.48 Hotspur Mk.II glider, circa 1940s. Inscription on verso: "Earl, Happy Days, [illegible]."

[Servicemen Robert Peacock, Peter Jones, and Earl Phillips]
Photograph of Glider Regiment servicemen Robert Peacock, Peter Jones, and Earl H. M. Phillips, Cambridge, England, 1946.Inscription on verso: "At Cambridge. 1946. 22 E.F.T.S. Robert Peacock and Peter Jones and Earl Phillips."Stamped on verso: "9 Mar…
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