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Bruce Mennella oral history interview
Born-digital video recording of an oral history with Bruce Mennella and interviewer John Barth, recorded as part of The Museum of Flight Oral History Program, January 28, 2020.

Identification, Tag/Mennella, dog tags
Silver metal dog tag on long chain. Tag reads: "MENNELLA, B. E. / [number] USNR / ROM CATCH AB POS."

Identification, Tag/Mennella, dog tags
Silver metal dog tag on short chain. Tag reads: "MENELLA, B. E. / [number] USNR / ROM CATH AB POS."

Buckle, Belt/Fighting 114, VF-114
Silver metal belt buckle with engraved face. The face of the buckle has a top and bottom banner with a set of wings flanking "AIO" in the middle. The banners read: "FIGHTING 117" and "BRUCE MENNELLA." The detailing on the front is all filled in with…

Card, Identification/USS Kitty Hawk, Mennella, IOIC
A laminated pink paper identification badge for Officer Mennella of the USS Kitty Hawk, CVA-63. The badge reads "USS / KITTY HAWK / CVA-63" at the top. There is a black circle in the middle, with an internal boarder which looks like a chain, and 1011…

Decal/McDonnell Phantom II
An off-white round sticker which reads: "MCDONNELL / PHANTOM II." There is a dark blue/black boarder just inside the edges of the sticker. At the center is a dark blue/black circle, on top of which is set a depiction of the McDonnell Douglas F-4…

Tag, Identification/Military, Mennella
White plastic identification pin with black face. Carved in is "MENNELLA." The pin is secured on back with two butterfly pins mounted on a metal bar.

Ribbon, Military/USN Ribbon Bar Pin, Menella
Eight military ribbons set on metal backing. Secured on back with three squeeze pins. Air ribbon (with brass "2"); Navy & Marine Corps Commendation ribbon; Navy & Marine Corps Achievement ribbon; Navy Unit Commendation ribbon; National…

Pin, Military/Silver Officer Bars
Set of 2 silver officer's bar pins, USN.

Pin, Military/Gold Officer Bar
Golden metal rank pin, believed to be Navy Ensign pin. Secured on back with two butterfly backs on posts. One of a pair.
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