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[Learadio portable receiver]
Photograph of a Learadio portable receiver, circa 1930s-1940s.Inscription: "Portable 2-band battery-operated receiver used thru-out WW2 by many USAF [personnel?] here and all over world."

[Learmatic navigator]
Photograph of a Learmatic navigator, circa 1940s.Inscription: "Learmatic navigator combining directional gyro with adjustable [illegible] and automatic and/or manual loop [rotator?]."

[Learadio automatic direction finder]
Photograph of a Learadio automatic direction finder, circa 1940.Inscription: "Manual loop antenna rotator and directional indicator. 1940."

[Learadio radio compass tuning unit]
Photograph of a Learadio radio compass tuning unit, circa 1930s-1940s.

[Learadio Model RCB receiver tuning unit]
Photograph of a Learadio Model RCB receiver tuning unit, circa 1930s-1940s.

[Aircraft instrument panel equipped with Learadio device]
Photograph of an aircraft instrument panel equipped with a Learadio device, circa 1941.Inscription: "1941. [Amphibian?] with first dry-cell operated trans-rec[cut off]. [illegible] watt. Range 300 miles."

[William P. Lear holding Lear Radio-Aire]
Photograph of William P. Lear holding the Lear Radio-Aire, Chicago, Illinois, circa 1932. Inscription: "The first Radio Aire / Bill / 1932."Inscription on verso: "Bill Lear + his first airplane radio, the Lear Radio-Aire. Chicago, 1932. Photo…

[William P. Lear with Lear-o-Scope equipped automobile]
Photograph of William P. Lear with his Lear-o-Scope-equipped Plymouth automobile, New York City, New York, circa 1935. A loop antenna is mounted to the roof of the car. Inscription: "1935. 121 W 17 St NCY. WPL with first Lear-o-Scope." Stamped on…

[William P. Lear with Lear-o-Scope and loop antenna]
Photograph of William P. Lear with a Lear-o-Scope and loop antenna, New York City, New York, circa 1935. Inscription on verso: "Bill Lear and his first direction finder, the Lear-o-Scope. NYC. 1935. Courtesy Lear Archives." Typed caption on verso:…

[William P. Lear with first Lear-o-Scope]
Photograph of William P. Lear with the first Lear-o-Scope, circa 1935.Inscription: "1935. WPL with 1st Lear-o-scope."
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