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[Wrecked observation aircraft]
Photograph of a wrecked U.S. Army observation aircraft, circa 1910s-1920s. Inscription on verso: "Crash of a U.S. Army observation plane."

[Seaplane in flight]
Photograph of a U.S. Army seaplane in flight, circa 1920s-1930s. Caption on verso: "Hydro Aeroplane."Inscription on verso: "Army tractor, with pontoon attached."Stamped on verso: "Photo by H. M. Benner / Hammondsport, N. Y."

[Servicemen with Douglas World Cruiser aircraft]
Photograph of three U.S. Army servicemen with a Douglas World Cruiser aircraft, circa 1920s.

[North American BT-9 Yale aircraft]
Photograph of a U.S. Army North American BT-9 Yale aircraft (fuselage number 324), December 29, 1936.Inscription: "(G-92P-115) (12-29-36) (10) North American."

[Douglas O-38 aircraft in flight over mountainous terrain]
Photograph of five U.S. Army Air Corps Douglas O-38 aircraft in flight over mountainous terrain, February 6, 1931. Caption: "(O39-92P-115) (2-6-31) (12-4100)."

[Members of military squadron]
Panoramic group portrait of members of a military squadron with two unidentified aircraft, circa 1910s-1920s. A couple of the men are holding dogs.

[Four Curtiss JN-4 Jenny aircraft at Grant Park]
Photograph of four Curtiss JN-4 Jenny aircraft at Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois, circa 1910s-1920s.Inscription: "Planes on line / Victory Liberty Loan / Chicago."

[American servicemen with captured German Fokker D.VII aircraft]
Photograph of two American servicemen with a captured German Fokker D.VII aircraft, Chicago, Illinois, circa 1919.Inscription on album page: "Captured German Fokker / VII / Chicago: 1919."

[Aerial view of Fairfield Air Intermediate Depot]
Oblique aerial photograph of Fairfield Air Intermediate Depot, Ohio, April 10, 1931. The scene depicts pursuit aircraft, hangars, and other buildings.Inscription: "(O-A-733M-15)(4-10-31-9:30A)(12-7000) / Pursuit ships, Fairfield, Ohio."

[Servicemen in doorway of train car]
Photograph of two servicemen in the doorway of a train car, circa 1941-1945. The image is discolored.Part of a scrapbook from Lyden H. Rien's service with the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II, circa 1941-1945.
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