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Disclaimers & Policies

Content Disclaimer

Materials on TMOF: Digital Collections are presented as historical objects and are unaltered and uncensored, except in rare cases where personal information is redacted for privacy concerns. Please note that materials may sometimes contain offensive content such as derogatory, outdated, or biased language or express discriminatory opinions. Additionally, some materials may include graphic depictions of violent events and their consequences, such as wartime scenes or scenes of aviation crashes including human suffering or death, which some people may find disturbing. The documents, images, publications, audiovisual materials, and other items have been preserved in their original state and context for their historical significance and do not reflect the values of the Museum but rather the social attitudes and circumstances of the period or place in which they were created.

At the Museum we aim to carefully describe our collections in an informative and accurate manner that is respectful of the creators of the collections, those represented in the materials, and those who may use the collections. We are committed to using inclusive, anti-racist, non-derogatory language when describing our collections. We acknowledge that we sometimes describe communities of which we are not a part, and some of these communities may be historically marginalized and underrepresented in the archives. We also recognize that we may sometimes fail and are committed to a process of constant reflection and improvement. If you find inaccurate descriptions or harmful or offensive language in the collection descriptions created by Museum staff, please contact curator@museumofflight.org. We welcome your feedback.

Takedown Policy

The Museum of Flight makes every effort to ensure that it has appropriate rights to provide access to content through our digital collections website. These materials are made available for educational and scholarly use.

If you are a rights holder of materials featured on our digital collections website and believe that our inclusion of these materials violates your rights, (e.g., inclusion is not covered by Fair Use or other exemption to a copyright holder's rights), please contact us via our research request form or email curator@museumofflight.org. Include the following:

Upon receipt of a takedown request, the Museum's Collections staff will:

Upon completion of the assessment, we will take appropriate action and communicate that action to you.

Before submitting a takedown request, we ask that you consider this option very carefully. Your content helps us fulfill the Museum's mission of preserving and providing access to historically significant air and space materials. We urge you to let us make them available and accessible.