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Receiver, Radio/Learavian P-10A, portable
Portable radio has mahogany wood case with olive green metal along top. Has face and dials along top. Frequency range has broadcast band, marine band and beacon. Tuning area has broken plastic cover. Top has two knobs and two selectors. Two plugs and…

Receiver, Radio/Learavian RM 402 C
Radio receiver constructed out of a reddish brown leatherette case with stitched leather handle at top. Black metal face at top, covered with clear plastic. Three frequency ranges, green, red, green. 3 brown bakelite dials and 3 plugs. Dataplate at…

Receiver, Radio/Learavian with Direction Finder
Maroon leatherette case with gray metal across top. Along top are three frequency ranges, "Marine," "Broadcast" and "Range" with selecting dials. At top are also 2 plugs and a switch for "Phones," "Receiving," "Direction Finding" and "Ant." Also has…

[Audio recording of Lear, Incorporated meeting about autopilot development]
Audio recording of a Lear, Incorporated meeting about autopilot development, circa 1950s-1960s. Handwritten label on reel: "Lear Inc. auto pilot - WPL."

[Film footage of Learstar and Lockheed L-1888 Electra]
Film footage of a Learstar (registration number N16L) and Lockheed L-1888 Electra, circa 1950s. The footage opens with the Learstar being towed into a hangar and William P. Lear boarding the airplane. The next several scenes feature Lear and an…

...And On Beyond [Lear, Incorporated promotional film]
Promotional film for Lear, Incorporated, produced by Norman Wright Productions (Hollywood, California) and narrated by Bob Cummings, circa 1960s. The footage opens with a dramatization of an astronaut piloting a futuristic spacecraft on a deep-space…

The Scandalears of 1955 [program]
Program for "The Scandalears of 1955," a musical review presented by the Lear California Employees Club at Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica, California, June 10, 1955. Contains a cast list and overview of the performances.

[Brochure for Lear L-2 autopilot]
Brochure for the Lear L-2 autopilot, circa 1944-1962. 23 pages.

Facts about Lear
Document containing a company overview of Lear, Incorporated, circa 1961. Describes the company's history and growth, its principal products, its divisions and locations, recent developments, and the company's significance to the Grand Rapids…

[Roster of Lear, Incorporated management personnel]
Roster of Lear, Incorporated management personnel, prepared by H. V. Perryman, August 18, 1952. Nine typed pages.Inscription on page 1: "To: Vito. From: Ed Faranski. From: Harry Berg. 9-30-82."
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