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Patch, Occupational/LearAvia Patch
Company patch for "LearAvia," undated. The patch is in the shape of a globe with banner across the middle.

Trophy/Learavia Company Picnic Trophy
LearAvia Picnic Perpetual Trophy, 1978-1979. Four pillars support a wood base with engraved metal piece on front. The pillars are mounted on a wood base. A baseball player would top the trophy, but has become loose. Between the pillars are a small…

The Fleet [filmed advertisement for LearAvia Helicopter Services]
Filmed advertisement for LearAvia Helicopter Services, produced by Northwest Films, circa 1970s. The footage features several shots of Bell 206L Longranger helicopters belonging to LearAvia's charter fleet. The scenes depict the helicopters parked at…

[Project notes related to "Lear Ranger" aircraft program]
Project notes related to the "Lear Ranger" aircraft program, circa 1976-1977. Includes a budget summary, cost estimates, notes, clippings, sketches, specifications, a brochure, and research material.

[John J. Burzynski -- engineering notebook, 1976-1977]
Engineering notebook kept by Lear employee John J. Burzynski, circa 1976-1977. Contains dated entries, notes, and diagrams. 133 handwritten pages.

Proposal for a new, wide-body jet-fan commuter/executive plane - Lear Fan 3100
Proposal for the Lear Fan 3100 aircraft, prepared by I. J. Gilchrist and Bill Murphy of LearAvia, circa 1981. 56 pages.

LearAvia / Engineering report - Lear AFC-70 Autopilot
Engineering report for the Lear AFC-70 autopilot, circa 1973. Includes data sheets, graphs, diagrams, and photographs. 106 pages (original pages may be missing).

[Brochure for Lear Charger portable electrical power unit]
Brochure for the Lear Charger portable electrical power unit, circa 1973-1974.

[Product analyses of LearAvia products]
Product analyses of LearAvia products, December 1973. 27 typed pages.

Proposal for Retrofit of the W. P. Lear Supercritical Wing Design on Learjet Models 24 and 25 "Lear Superwing"
Typed proposal related to a retrofitting project of the Lear Superwing, 1972-1974. Contains technical data, illustrations, and clippings.
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