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[Aerial view of balloon moored in field]
Aerial photograph of a balloon moored in a field, circa 1910-1920s.

[Illustration of André-Jacques Garnerin's parachute descent]
Illustration (photographic reproduction) of André-Jacques Garnerin's parachute descent from a balloon, London, England, 1802.

[Interior rigging of airship]
Photograph of the interior rigging of an airship, undated.

[Farman 1910 Biplane in flight near balloon]
Photograph of a Farman 1910 Biplane, piloted by Louis Paulhan, in flight near a balloon, Los Angeles International Air Meet, California, January 1910. The balloon advertises for the "Los Angles Examiner" newspaper.

[Airship "America" in flight]
Photograph of the airship "America" in flight, 1910.

[Crowd holding tethers of balloon]
Photograph of a crowd holding the tethers of a balloon, circa 1900s-1920s.

[Partially-constructed hangar for airship "America"]
Photograph of the partially-constructed hangar for the airship "America," Spitsbergen, Norway, circa 1906-1907.

[Airship "America" outside hangar]
Photograph of the airship "America" outside a hangar, Spitsbergen, Norway, circa 1906-1907.
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