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Finder, Direction/Automatic Direction Finder, Model 5512A
Automatic Direct Finder constructed out of gray and silver metal. The object is a rectangular form with two main components screwed together. The top portion has vents on each of the four sides and the bottom portion has circle cutouts on two of the…

Gyroscope/Rate Integrating Gyro, Floating, Model 1078A
Rate Integrating Gyroscope made out of metal and steel. The object is cylindrical with a thick silver steel band around the center circumference. The base of the object is circular silver metal and small copper colored prongs. The main body of the…

Gyroscope/Nike Zeus Gyro on Platform, 1957
Gyroscope made out of black metal and steel. The main body of the object floats within a second thick black metal cylindrical form that has a bright red painted interior, along with bright green and orange painted accents along the edges. The object…

Gyroscope/Lear Attitude Gyro, Model 974R-1
The gyroscope is constructed out of black metal with a glass face for the front dial. There is a black label on bottom portion of the glass with the white text, "Lear Attitude Gyro Model 974R-1." The metal is cylindrical with pieces screwed together.…

Finder, Direction/Auto-Direction Finder, Lear ADF 12-E
Auto-direction finder with a body made out of gray metal and a white metal face plate. "Lear ADF-12E" is in black on the bottom portion of the face of the object, along with three black dials and a switch. The back has silver metal attachment…

[Advertisement poster for Learadio aircraft equipment]
Advertisement poster for Learadio aircraft equipment, circa 1931-1939.

Problems attendant to the specifications of aircraft radio apparatus for pursuit airplanes
Article written by William P. Lear about aircraft radio specifications for pursuit airplanes, circa late 1930s. 10 pages.

Learadio notes on direction finding!
Notes written by William P. Lear about the utility of automatic direction finders, circa 1940. Describes a flight from New York to Dayon, Ohio in Lear's Waco aircraft and how a Lear ADF-8 helped him navigate despite static from a thunderstorm.…

[Patent application for Gyromatic Radio Compass]
Patent application for the Gyromatic Radio Compass submitted by William P. Lear, October 30, 1944. 24 typed pages.

Learadio aircraft radio equipment [pamphlet]
Pamphlet about Learadio aircraft radio equipment, circa 1930s. Contains technical specifications and images of various models of transmitters, receivers, power supplies, and accessories. 41 pages.
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