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[Douglas O-2 aircraft]
Photograph of a Douglas O-2 aircraft of the 16th Observation Squadron, U.S. Army Air Corps, at an unidentified airfield, circa 1926-1927. The squadron emblem (pair of binoculars) is visible on the fuselage. Inscription on album page: "Douglas…

[Junkers K 47 and Douglas O-2 aircraft, Hangzhou, China]
Photograph of Junkers K 47 and Douglas O-2 aircraft, Hangzhou, China, 1931. Inscription: "Junkers K-47. O-2. Hungjao. 1931."Part of a photograph album related to Julius A. Barr's personal life and flying career in the United States and China, circa…

El aeroplano para observacion : Douglas modelo O-2M : manual de erreccion y maintenimiento.
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