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[Hiller YH-32 Hornet helicopter in flight]
Photograph of a Hiller YH-32 Hornet helicopter in flight, circa 1950s.

[Curtiss-Bleecker Helicopter]
Photograph of the Bleecker Helicopter (tail number 373N), circa 1920s-1930s. A man stands on the right side of the image.

[Man with Curtiss-Bleecker Helicopter]
Photograph of a man with the Curtiss-Bleecker Helicopter (tail number 373N), circa 1920s-1930s.

The Fleet [filmed advertisement for LearAvia Helicopter Services]
Filmed advertisement for LearAvia Helicopter Services, produced by Northwest Films, circa 1970s. The footage features several shots of Bell 206L Longranger helicopters belonging to LearAvia's charter fleet. The scenes depict the helicopters parked at…

[Film footage of Bell 206B Jetranger helicopter transporting cargo containers]
Film footage of a Bell 206B Jetranger helicopter (registration N2234W) transporting cargo containers, Reno, Nevada, circa 1960s-1970s. The footage opens with the Jetranger approaching and landing in the parking lot of the Answer Man hardware store.…

[Drawing of helicopter heater]
Drawing of a helicopter heater, sketched by William P. Lear, September 20, 1975. Includes several handwritten notes.

[Aérospatiale AS 341G Gazelle helicopter at LearAvia Aircraft Service Center]
Photograph of an Aérospatiale AS 341G Gazelle helicopter (N6958) at the LearAvia Aircraft Service Center, circa 1970s.

[LearAvia Bell 206A Jetranger helicopter lifting cow]
Photograph of a LearAvia Bell 206A Jetranger helicopter lifting a cow, circa November 1973. Several people watch from the ground.

[LearAvia helicopters parked outside hangar]
Photograph of four LearAvia helicopters (two Bell 206A Jetrangers and two Bell 47s) parked outside a hangar, circa 1970s.

[LearAvia Bell 47 helicopter]
Photograph of a LearAvia Bell 47 helicopter (N8406E) parked at an airfield, circa 1974. The inscription on the slide mount points out the installed muffler.Inscription on slide mount: "Muffler in place."Typed on slide mount: "Seal edge with warm…
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