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[Check and agreement between Stinson Aircraft Corporation and Lear Development Company]
Check and agreement between the Stinson Aircraft Corporation and the Lear Development Company, circa 1933. Item has been de-framed but remains attached to mountboard.

[Advertisement poster for Learadio aircraft equipment]
Advertisement poster for Learadio aircraft equipment, circa 1931-1939.

Learadio aircraft radio equipment [pamphlet]
Pamphlet about Learadio aircraft radio equipment, circa 1930s. Contains technical specifications and images of various models of transmitters, receivers, power supplies, and accessories. 41 pages.

[Brochure for Learadio Model T30-R3AB aircraft transmitter-receiver]
Brochure for the Learadio Model T30-R3AB aircraft transmitter-receiver, circa 1939.

[Brochure for Learadio Model UT-6 radio transmitter]
Brochure for the Learadio Model UT-6 radio transmitter, circa 1939.

Learadio automatic landing field orientation device
Report about the Lear Developments automatic landing field orientation device, June 1939. Contains technical details about the device. Three typed pages on Learadio letterhead.

[Letter to William P. Lear from Richard A. Marsen, June 20, 1939]
Letter to William P. Lear from Richard A. Marsen, June 20, 1939. Recommends that the company take a more general tone when announcing and publicizing products in order to protect Lear Developments' patents. References an Associated Press release…

[Letter to Mr. J. K. Whanger from Richard A. Marsen, June 19, 1939]
Letter to Mr. J. K. Whanger, Lawrence Scudder and Company, from Richard A. Marsen, Lear Developments, June 19, 1939. Provides a "general outline of the patent situation at Lear Developments." Seven typed pages and original folder labeled "L-r2 /…

[William P. Lear with Lear-o-Scope equipped automobile]
Photograph of William P. Lear with his Lear-o-Scope-equipped Plymouth automobile, New York City, New York, circa 1935. A loop antenna is mounted to the roof of the car. Inscription: "1935. 121 W 17 St NCY. WPL with first Lear-o-Scope." Stamped on…

[William P. Lear with Lear-o-Scope and loop antenna]
Photograph of William P. Lear with a Lear-o-Scope and loop antenna, New York City, New York, circa 1935. Inscription on verso: "Bill Lear and his first direction finder, the Lear-o-Scope. NCY. 1935. Courtesy Lear Archives."Typed caption on verso: "Q.…
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