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[Advertisement poster for Learadio aircraft equipment]
Advertisement poster for Learadio aircraft equipment, circa 1931-1939.

[Assorted Learadio devices]
Photograph of assorted Learadio devices, circa 1935. Pictured devices include the Model R-3 aircraft receiver, T-30 radio unit, and a shieled loop antenna.Inscription on verso: "Lear equip / circa 1935."

[Brochure for Learadio Model T30-R3AB aircraft transmitter-receiver]
Brochure for the Learadio Model T30-R3AB aircraft transmitter-receiver, circa 1939.

[Brochure for Learadio Model UT-6 radio transmitter]
Brochure for the Learadio Model UT-6 radio transmitter, circa 1939.

[Chassis of Model L Lear-o-Scope]
Photograph of the chassis of a Model L Lear-o-Scope, circa 1931-1939. The verso inscription, which was written by William P. Lear, describes the development of the device.Inscription on verso: "Here is chassis of Model L Lear-o-Scope. The layout was…

[Check and agreement between Stinson Aircraft Corporation and Lear Development Company]
Check and agreement between the Stinson Aircraft Corporation and the Lear Development Company, circa 1933. Item has been de-framed but remains attached to mountboard.

[Internal components of Lear device]
Photograph of the internal components of a Lear device, circa 1931-1939.

[Lear Developments BC-190-T5 radio transmitter]
Photograph of a Lear Developments BC-190-T5 radio transmitter, circa 1940. The verso inscription notes that this transmitter was developed for the U.S. Army Signal Corps and describes the device's components and specifications.Inscription on verso:…

[Lear Developments loop antenna]
Photograph of a Lear Developments loop antenna with a transparent plastic shield, circa 1935-1939.Inscription on verso: "Loop antenna. Winner of national plastics award in 1935. First stream lined housing for loop antennae."Stamped on verso: "Please…

[Lear Developments radio receiver]
Composite photograph of a Lear Developments radio receiver, showing views of the internal components and the external case, circa 1931-1939. The caption notes that this device was developed for the U.S. Department of Commerce.Typed caption on verso:…
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