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[Instrument panel in aircraft cockpit]
Photograph of the instrument panel in an unidentified aircraft cockpit, circa 1920s-1940s. A Lear Radio-Aire is installed.

Radio/Learadio, 7-13-010, Model 561, 1946
Learadio in rectangular brown wood case. Display at top with frequency range 55 - 160 in red, yellow and green, with "Learadio." 3 white plastic knobs at bottom. At center is a mesh golden brown fabric-covered speaker.

[Advertisement poster for Learadio aircraft equipment]
Advertisement poster for Learadio aircraft equipment, circa 1931-1939.

Learadio aircraft radio equipment [pamphlet]
Pamphlet about Learadio aircraft radio equipment, circa 1930s. Contains technical specifications and images of various models of transmitters, receivers, power supplies, and accessories. 41 pages.

[Brochure for Learadio Model T30-R3AB aircraft transmitter-receiver]
Brochure for the Learadio Model T30-R3AB aircraft transmitter-receiver, circa 1939.

[Brochure for Learadio Model UT-6 radio transmitter]
Brochure for the Learadio Model UT-6 radio transmitter, circa 1939.

Learadio automatic landing field orientation device
Report about the Lear Developments automatic landing field orientation device, June 1939. Contains technical details about the device. Three typed pages on Learadio letterhead.

The most famous airport in the world -- Historic Roosevelt Field [map]
Lithographic map of Roosevelt Field, Long Island, New York, circa 1931-1939. Several locations are noted on the map, including Learadio Laboratories (location "J").

[Lear 3-axis servo unit]
Photograph of a Lear 3-axis servo unit, circa 1940s-1950s. Typed caption: "One of the first 3-axis servo units."

[Lear C-2A autopilot]
Photograph of a Lear C-2A autopilot, circa 1940s-1950s. Typed caption: "The C-2A - greatly improved original autopilot."
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