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[Advertisement poster for Learadio aircraft equipment]
Advertisement poster for Learadio aircraft equipment, circa 1931-1939.

[Patent application for Gyromatic Radio Compass]
Patent application for the Gyromatic Radio Compass submitted by William P. Lear, October 30, 1944. 24 typed pages.

Learadio aircraft radio equipment [pamphlet]
Pamphlet about Learadio aircraft radio equipment, circa 1930s. Contains technical specifications and images of various models of transmitters, receivers, power supplies, and accessories. 41 pages.

[Brochure for Learadio Model T30-R3AB aircraft transmitter-receiver]
Brochure for the Learadio Model T30-R3AB aircraft transmitter-receiver, circa 1939.

[Brochure for Learadio Model UT-6 radio transmitter]
Brochure for the Learadio Model UT-6 radio transmitter, circa 1939.

[William P. Lear and employees looking at airborne radio equipment]
Photograph of William P. Lear (right) and two Lear, Incorporated employees looking at airborne radio equipment, circa 1940s-1950s.Typed caption on verso: "William P. Lear, Chairman of the Board, Lear, Inc., consults with members of his technical…

[Learadio equipment installed in front cockpit]
Photograph of Learadio equipment installed in the front cockpit of an unidentified aircraft, circa 1940s-1950s. Several of the components are labeled.Caption: "NA-44 / Learadio equipment / Front cockpit -- Right side. 20-1171-28."Labeled components:…

[Learadio equipment installed in front and rear cockpits]
Photograph of an unidentified aircraft fuselage with its side panel removed, showing the Learadio equipment installed in the front and rear cockpits, circa 1940s-1950s. Several of the components are labeled. Caption: "NA-44 / Learadio equipment…

[Learadio panel assembly]
Composite photograph of Learadio panel assembly, showing side and front views, circa 1940s-1950s. Individual components include a fixed antenna tuning unit, trasmitter, automatic direction finder, and control unit.Caption: "Front view / NA-44 /…

[Betsy Ross using Learadio portable receiver]
Photograph of pilot Betsy Ross using a Learadio portable receiver in the cockpit of her Taylorcraft aircraft, August 20, 1940. An accompanying press release describes Ross's recent flight from Harrisburg Pennsylvania State Airport, noted as the first…
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