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Receiver, Beacon/Learavian Portable Beacon, Broadcast and Airline Receiver in Case
Receiver constructed out of a metal case covered in brown and tan tweed leatherette fabric. Brown leather handle at top. Black metal face with red and green Broadcast Beacon tuning with brown plastic dials. Plug for Phones and Ext. Ant. Dataplate at…

Radio/Learadio, A-61291, Red Wooden Casing
Learadio in rectangular brown wood case. Display at top with frequency range 55 - 160 in beige and green, with "Learadio." 2 brown plastic knobs at bottom. At center is a mesh brown fabric with gold thread accents covered speaker.Marks:…

Receiver, Radio/Learavian P-10A, portable
Portable radio has mahogany wood case with olive green metal along top. Has face and dials along top. Frequency range has broadcast band, marine band and beacon. Tuning area has broken plastic cover. Top has two knobs and two selectors. Two plugs and…

Receiver, Radio/Learavian with Direction Finder
Maroon leatherette case with gray metal across top. Along top are three frequency ranges, "Marine," "Broadcast" and "Range" with selecting dials. At top are also 2 plugs and a switch for "Phones," "Receiving," "Direction Finding" and "Ant." Also has…

Learadio aircraft radio equipment [pamphlet]
Pamphlet about Learadio aircraft radio equipment, circa 1930s. Contains technical specifications and images of various models of transmitters, receivers, power supplies, and accessories. 41 pages.

[Brochure for Learadio Model T30-R3AB aircraft transmitter-receiver]
Brochure for the Learadio Model T30-R3AB aircraft transmitter-receiver, circa 1939.

[Brochure for Learadio Model UT-6 radio transmitter]
Brochure for the Learadio Model UT-6 radio transmitter, circa 1939.

Learadio Type UT-6 Transmitter instruction book
Instruction booklet for the Learadio UT-6 Transmitter, issued April 4, 1940. Ten typed pages.

[Learadio equipment installed in front and rear cockpits]
Photograph of an unidentified aircraft fuselage with its side panel removed, showing the Learadio equipment installed in the front and rear cockpits, circa 1940s-1950s. Several of the components are labeled. Caption: "NA-44 / Learadio equipment…

[Learadio panel assembly]
Composite photograph of Learadio panel assembly, showing side and front views, circa 1940s-1950s. Individual components include a fixed antenna tuning unit, trasmitter, automatic direction finder, and control unit.Caption: "Front view / NA-44 /…
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