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The Army Air Corps [Lyrics]
Typed lyrics for "The Army Air Corps," official service song of the United States Army Air Corps, circa 1930s-1940s. Written by Robert Crawford in 1939, the song was later renamed "The Army Air Forces," then "The U.S. Air Force."

[Stinson L-5 Sentinel in flight]
Photograph of a Stinson L-5 Sentinel aircraft (tail number 517977) in flight above a forest, circa 1940s. The plane bears United States Army Air Forces markings and has been equipped with floats. The pilot is visible in the cockpit.

[Stinson L-5 Sentinel seaplane]
Photograph of military personnel pulling a Stinson L-5 Sentinel seaplane ashore, circa 1940s.

[Room at Keesler Air Force Base]
Photograph of a room at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi, circa 1940s. An informational poster shows a map of the facilities and includes information regarding uniforms. A sign above the door reads: "Have you tried a Keesler flight lunch? Order…

[Pilot with Stinson L-5 Sentinel]
Photograph of a United States Air Force pilot in the cockpit of a parked Stinson L-5 Sentinel aircraft (fuselage number 636), circa 1940s. The plane's designation, "The Pathfinder," is written near the cockpit. Stamped on verso: "Reproduced by…

[Holiday greeting card from staff at Biggs Army Airfield]
Holiday greeting card from staff at Biggs Army Airfield, Texas, circa 1940s. Includes a photograph of military aircraft in flight and a group photo of Biggs operations staff. Caption: "Seasons Greetings. BIGGS Operations Staff: S. Sgt. F. Vermillion,…

[Hughes XF-11/R-11 aircraft]
Photograph of a Hughes XF-11/R-11 aircraft, circa 1940s.

[Northrop N-9M Flying Wing aircraft]
Photograph of a U.S. Air Force Northrop N-9M Flying Wing aircraft, circa 1940s.

[Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft]
Photograph of a U.S. Air Rescue Service Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft at an airfield, circa 1940s-1950s. Another aircraft is visible in the foreground.

[James C. Stewart]
Identification photographs of James C. Stewart, circa 1940s-1950s. Also includes a partial print of identification photos for Walter L. Dixon.Caption: "Stewart James C. A0397528. Dixon Walter L. AO3007847."
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