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...And On Beyond [Lear, Incorporated promotional film]
Promotional film for Lear, Incorporated, produced by Norman Wright Productions (Hollywood, California) and narrated by Bob Cummings, circa 1960s. The footage opens with a dramatization of an astronaut piloting a futuristic spacecraft on a deep-space…

["Maneuver Banquet" menu]
Menu for the 158th Liaison Squadron's "Maneuver Banquet," March 11, 1948. Includes a photograph of the squadron flag on the cover.

[158th Liaison Squadron operations area]
Photograph of the 158th Liaison Squadron operations area at Komaki Air Base, Japan, March 1947Inscription on verso: "158th Liaison operations, and sleeping quarters. March 1947."

[158th Liaison Squadron operations building]
Photograph of the 158th Liaison Squadron's operations building at Komaki Air Base, Japan, January 30, 1947. Typed caption on verso: "158th Liaison Sqdn operations bldg at Kamaki [Komaki] Air Field, Nagoya, Japan. It is also used to house some 12 men…

[1959 World Congress of Flight, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1959]
Film footage of the 1959 World Congress of Flight, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1959. The footage contains brief clips of military aircraft and spectators at the event. Scenes include aircraft taking off, in flight, demonstrating weapons, and performing aerial…

[5th Air Force Post Exchange building]
Photograph of the Fifth Air Force's Post Exchange (PX) building in Nagoya, Japan, February 4, 1947Typed caption on verso: "Entrance to the 5th Air Force Post Exchange Building in Nagoya, Japan. 4 Feb 1947."

[5th Air Force Troop Billet and hospital building]
Photograph of a hospital building and enlisted quarters used by the Fifth Air Force in Nagoya, Japan, circa 1945-1952.Typed caption on verso: "Entrance to 5th Air Force troop billet and hospital bldg in Nagoya, Japan. 4 Feb 1947."

[AERCAB (Aerial Escape and Rescue Capability) ejection seat]
Photograph of an AERCAB (Aerial Escape and Rescue Capability) ejection seat, California, January 7, 1970. Typed on verso: "Official United States Photography - Cleared for publication - U.S. Naval Aerospace Recovery Facility - El Centro, California…

[Aerial refueling scenes, circa 1950s-1960s]
Film footage of aerial refueling scenes, circa 1950s-1960s. The footage is filmed from inside a tanker aircraft, possibly a Boeing KC-135, and depicts several aerial refueling scenes of U.S. Air Force aircraft, showing the aircraft approaching the…

[Aerial view of air base]
Oblique aerial photograph of an Eighth Air Force base in Yokohama, Japan, July 1947. A sketch on verso notes points of interest, including a runway and an earthquake memorial.Inscription on verso: "Eigth [Eighth] Army L-5 strip. Yokohama. Hangar.…
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