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[People working on unidentified seaplane]
Photograph of people working on an unidentified seaplane, Naval Aeronautical Station Pensacola, Florida, circa 1916. One of the men seated in the cockpits may be Ralph Newcomb.Inscription on verso: "[Lary?] Brown / Ralph Newcomb / Standard Aircraft…

Local firm gets war contract [Clipping, October 24, 1917]
Newspaper clipping, "Local firm gets war contract," from the Orion Bulletin, October 24, 1917. Reports on the Boeing Airplane Company's contract to construct fifty seaplanes for the U.S. Navy.

[Letter to George Conrad Westervelt from Jerome C. Hunsaker, September 22, 1916]
Letter to George Conrad Westervelt from Jerome C. Hunsaker, September 22, 1916. States that the Navy Department will send "Jones" to Seattle, Washington to report on planes built by Boeing. Also mentions a Curtiss Pusher that "fell in the Potomac…

[Seaplane in flight over water]
Photograph of an unidentified U.S. Navy seaplane in flight over water, circa 1910s-1930s. The original negative is broken into two pieces.

[Vought OU-1 seaplane and Vought VE-9H seaplane]
Photograph of a Vought OU-1 seaplane of the USS Tennessee and a Vought VE-9H seaplane of the USS Milwaukee circa 1920s. Inscription on envelope: "U.S.S. Tennessee / U.S.S. Milwaukee."

[People looking at a Naval Aircraft Factory PN-8 seaplane]
Photograph of people looking at Naval Aircraft Factory PN-8 seaplane (tail number A7699), circa 1920s-1930s.

[Curtiss F7C-1 Seahawk aircraft]
Photograph of a U.S. Navy Curtiss F7C-1 Seahawk aircraft, February 28, 1927. A pilot is seated in the cockpit.Inscription: "Curtiss Navy Fighter F7C-1 / 2-28-27 / T-3232."

[Servicemen and unidentified aircraft on ship deck]
Photograph of U.S. Navy servicemen and an unidentified aircraft on a ship deck, circa 1910s-1930s. A Southern Pacific steamship is visible in the background.

USN A-2 flying boat taking off
Photograph of a U.S. Navy Curtiss A-2 aircraft taxiing across water, circa 1910s-1930s.Caption: "U.S. Navy plane boat / Lieut. S[illegible]."Caption on envelope: "USN A-2 flying boat taking off / Lt. Smith pilot."

Baldwin dirigible
Photograph of the U.S. Army's Baldwin dirigible, circa 1900s-1910s. Caption on envelope: "Baldwin dirigible / Piloted by Curtiss / 89."
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