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Mike R. Hallman oral history interview
Born-digital video recording of an oral history with Mike R. Hallman and interviewer Steve Little, recorded as part of The Museum of Flight Oral History Program, October 25, 2021.

Her agony of waiting prolonged by phone call [Clipping, circa 1973]
Newspaper clipping, "Her agony of waiting prolonged by phone call," from the Fort Lauderdale News, circa 1973. Reports on Lieutenant Colonel James C. Hartney, missing in action since 1968.

[Michael R. Yunck oral history interview (Part 2 of 2)]
In this two-part oral history, Michael R. Yunck is interviewed about his military service with the United States Marine Corps. In part two, he describes his final World War II assignment as commander of Marine Fighting Squadron 311 (VMF-311), based…

Identification, Tag/Mennella, dog tags
Silver metal dog tag on long chain. Tag reads: "MENNELLA, B. E. / [number] USNR / ROM CATCH AB POS."

Identification, Tag/Mennella, dog tags
Silver metal dog tag on short chain. Tag reads: "MENELLA, B. E. / [number] USNR / ROM CATH AB POS."

Buckle, Belt/Fighting 114, VF-114
Silver metal belt buckle with engraved face. The face of the buckle has a top and bottom banner with a set of wings flanking "AIO" in the middle. The banners read: "FIGHTING 117" and "BRUCE MENNELLA." The detailing on the front is all filled in with…

Card, Identification/USS Kitty Hawk, Mennella, IOIC
A laminated pink paper identification badge for Officer Mennella of the USS Kitty Hawk, CVA-63. The badge reads "USS / KITTY HAWK / CVA-63" at the top. There is a black circle in the middle, with an internal boarder which looks like a chain, and 1011…

Decal/McDonnell Phantom II
An off-white round sticker which reads: "MCDONNELL / PHANTOM II." There is a dark blue/black boarder just inside the edges of the sticker. At the center is a dark blue/black circle, on top of which is set a depiction of the McDonnell Douglas F-4…

Tag, Identification/Military, Mennella
White plastic identification pin with black face. Carved in is "MENNELLA." The pin is secured on back with two butterfly pins mounted on a metal bar.

Ribbon, Military/USN Ribbon Bar Pin, Menella
Eight military ribbons set on metal backing. Secured on back with three squeeze pins. Air ribbon (with brass "2"); Navy & Marine Corps Commendation ribbon; Navy & Marine Corps Achievement ribbon; Navy Unit Commendation ribbon; National…
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