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...And On Beyond [Lear, Incorporated promotional film]
Promotional film for Lear, Incorporated, produced by Norman Wright Productions (Hollywood, California) and narrated by Bob Cummings, circa 1960s. The footage opens with a dramatization of an astronaut piloting a futuristic spacecraft on a deep-space…

"Lear Vapordyne" by Lear Motors Corp.
Informational sheet for the Lear Vapordyne Indy race car, circa 1969-1971. Contains drawings, photographs, and information related to the Vapordyne's development.

[Advertisement poster for Learadio aircraft equipment]
Advertisement poster for Learadio aircraft equipment, circa 1931-1939.

[Aerial view of Lear facilities and surrounding area]
Oblique aerial photograph of Lear facilities and surrounding area, circa 1970-1972. The labels read "Lear Jet Service Center," "Lear Motors Corporation," and "Prime Plastics."Inscription on verso: "Box 43 / Folder 1075."

[Aerial view of Lear Jet facility]
Oblique aerial photograph of a Lear Jet facility, circa 1964. Aircraft and vehicles are parked outside of the building.Inscription on verso: "Facility completed Feb 1964. 2 more hangars adding 108,000 sq. ft. to original facility."Stamped on verso:…

[Aerial view of Lear Jet plant in Wichita, Kansas]
Oblique aerial photograph of the Lear Jet plant in Wichita, Kansas, circa 1964. Six Learjet aircraft are parked in front of the buildings.

[Aérospatiale AS 341G Gazelle helicopter at LearAvia Aircraft Service Center]
Photograph of an Aérospatiale AS 341G Gazelle helicopter (N6958) at the LearAvia Aircraft Service Center, circa 1970s.

[Affidavit given by Richard M. "Dick" Mock to State of Michigan]
Affidavit given by Richard M. "Dick" Mock, Executive Vice President of Lear, Incorporated, to the State of Michigan, dated August 9, 1948, copied January 18, 1956. Gives details about the company's history, operations, and finances. Two typed pages.

[Aga Khan IV, Moya O. Lear, and William A. Sipprell with Learjet 23 aircraft]
Photograph of (from left to right) Aga Khan IV, Moya O. Lear, and William A. Sipprell with a Learjet 23 aircraft, November 1964. Hank Beaird and an unidentified man are visible inside the aircraft. Inscription on verso: "November 1964. Aga Kahn…

[Aircraft at airfield]
Photographic slide of an unidentified aircraft at an airfield, circa 1950s. Other aircraft are visible in the background.
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