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B-29 mechanic's field service data book.
Revised: March 1944, June 1944, September 1944, January 1945. This revision is dated June 1945. "G Timblin 1943" handwritten on first page.

Super Fortress school flight manual.
Title taken from contents. No cover title or title page that covers all the included materials. Various training materials compiled together.

Flying Fortress School, B-29 Division training manual.
No title page. Title based on contents. Various training manuals/reports compiled together. Paginated individually. Includes trouble charts and study guides.

Boeing Flying Fortress school student notebook : B-29 division.
Attached is a 6-page addendum: "Preliminary familiarization data for the M-H cabin boost control" dated 11-3-43.

Operating manual for war reserve aviation gasoline underground storage centers / from Engineers' Committee on Oil Storage to the War Department and Navy Department, June 1942.
Issued June, 1942, but some of the drawings that are part of the appendixes show revisions dated February 29, 1944. Includes bibliographical references.

Pilot's notes : the Spitfire I aeroplane : Merlin II or III engine.
Cover title. Date range for included pages runs from September 1941-May 1942. "For official use only." Looseleaf for updating.

Bowers Fly Baby : model 1A  / design and instructions by Peter M. Bowers ; drawings by James A. Morrow ; typing by Marlene Lemire.
Third printing dated October 1965. "Winner of the 1962 Experimental Aircraft Association Design Contest for a Low-cost, Easy to Build and Fly Sport Airplane" -- Title page

Gunner's information file : flexible gunnery.
Air Forces manual no. 20. Dated May 1944. Includes index.

Handbook flight operating instructions : USAF series B-36A aircraft.
Manual dated March 4, 1948 (replacing an earlier version dated 10/15/47), plus revisions dated April 30, 1948 and October 1, 1948. Publication number AN 01-5EUA-1.

Handbook of operation and flight instructions for the model C-54 airplane, C-54A airplane.
C-54 serial nos. AC40-20137 to AC40-20145 incl., AC42-32936 to AC42-32951 incl. C-54A serial nos. AC41-37268 to AC41-37319 incl. Dated June 1942. Includes alphabetical index. Summary: "This manual has been prepared to afford all personnel concerned…
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