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Pacific flyer.
"A magazine of air commerce." v.1:no.3(1928:S​ept.)-​v.6:no.4(1931:M​ar.4).Incomplete run.

Pacific aviation.
"The aeronuatical journal of the West." Editors: Feb.-Apr. 1928, C.A. Berst; May-June 1928, E. Fitzgerald. v. 1, no. 1-6; Feb.-July 1928.

Pacific aviation news.
Title from cover. Publisher varies: Pacific Aviation News, Inc., Sept. 1929-Feb. 1930. v.2:no.6(1929:J​une)-​v.2:no.12(1929:​Dec.). Incomplete run.

Pacific aeronautics.
Offical organ of Allied Fliers Club. 1919:Dec.-​1920:May. Incomplete run.

Bombing : students' manual / prepared by the Army Air Forces Training Command, Visual Training Department, in collaboration with the Army Air Forces Instructors' School (Bombardier), M.A.A.F., Midland, Texas, and Army Air Forces Bombardier Schools.

Get that fighter / prepared by Army Air Forces Operations Analysis Section and A.A.F. Training Aid Division in collaboration with U.S. Navy and Central Flexible Gunnery Instructors School with the assistance of Time, Inc.
"November 1, 1943." Cover title.

Armament & fields of fire : German aircraft / prepared by Materiel Center, Engineering Division.
Dated 12-42. Cover title.

Fighter pilot gunnery : how to make your bullets hit! / prepared by Air Force School of Applied Tactics.
Dated December 10, 1943. T.O. no. 00-25-35. Cover title.

Erection and maintenance instructions for RP-47B and C, P-47C-1, -2, -5 and P-47D airplanes.
Issued May 10, 1943. Revised October 30, 1943. T. O. no. 01-65BC-2.

Pilot training manual for the Mustang P-51.
Prepared for Headquarters, AAF Office of Assistant Chief of Staff, Training by Headquarters, AAF, Office of Flying Safety.
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