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The Wright aircraft builder.
Issues for April-November 1925 are numbered as volume 5, numbers 4-11, but the issue for December 1925 is numbered as volume 7, number 12. Continued by: The Wright engine builder. Description based on: v. 8, no. 1 (Jan. 1926). Holdings Statement:…

El aeroplano para observacion : Douglas modelo O-2M : manual de erreccion y maintenimiento.

Boeing training seaplane : model NB-1.
Title based on contents.

Manual de instrucciones de ensamblaje y conservacion del aeroplano de observacion Douglas modelo O-38P.

Development of the Douglas transport.
Engineering Dept. technical data ; SW 157A

Pilot's guide : Consolidated "Liberator" PB4Y-1 type aircraft.
Prepared by the Crew Flight Training Department of Transition Landplane Unit, Headquarters Squadron, Fleet Air Wing Fourteen.

B-25 instructor's manual.
Compiled by class IV flight commander. Includes instrument transition "c" pattern. Contents: Ground instruction -- Flight instruction.

Pilot training manual for the Flying Fortress, B-17.
Includes index.

Pilot training manual for the C-47.
Includes alphabetical index.

Lecture notes for pupil pilots at flying training schools.
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