[Aerial view of airport in Hanzhong]

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[Aerial view of airport in Hanzhong]


Oblique aerial photograph of a small airport in Hanzhong, China, circa 1934-1937. Part of the airplane engine and wing is visible at the bottom left and right. Photo from album page 36.

Inscription on album page: "Airport inside city wall of Han Chung (southern Shensi). The size was so small that so far as known only Boeing plane has ever landed there. Boeing made two stops. Note crowd near trees."

Part of the Julius A. Barr photograph album containing three hundred and thirty-nine (339) black-and-white photographs, circa 1934-1937. The photos cover Barr's time in China as a personal pilot for both Zhang Xueliang (also known as the "Young Marshal" and "Peter Chang") and General Chiang Kai-shek.


1934-1937 circa



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The Julius A. Barr Photograph Album/The Museum of Flight