[Aerial Experimental Association members at airfield]

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[Aerial Experimental Association members at airfield]


Photograph of several members and associates of the Aerial Experimental Association at an airfield near Hammondsport, New York, April 6, 1908. Standing, from left to right: Thomas Scott Baldwin, Frederick Walker Baldwin, J. Newton Williams, John A. D. McCurdy, and Thomas E. Selfridge. Sitting, from left to right: Alexander Graham Bell, William F. Bedwin, and Glenn Hammond Curtiss.

Typed caption on verso: "Members of Aerial Experimental Association in consultatio [consultation] at flying field at Rheims, new Hammondsport."

Inscription on verso: "Standing left to right: T. S. Baldwin, F. W. Baldwin, J. Newton Williams, J. A. Douglas McCurdy, Lieut. Thomas Selfridge. Sitting left to right: Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, F. Bedwin, Glenn Curtiss."



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The Alexander Graham Bell and the Aerial Experiment Association Photograph Collection/The Museum of Flight