[Film footage of Lear Jet facilities and Learjet 23 prototype (Part 1 of 2)]


[Film footage of Lear Jet facilities and Learjet 23 prototype (Part 1 of 2)]


Film footage of Lear Jet facilities and Learjet 23 prototypes, produced by Gordon Industrial Films, circa 1960s. The footage opens with shots of a Lear Jet building, likely in Wichita, Kansas. The film then transitions to one of the Learjet 23 prototypes (tail number N801L) at an airfield. Scenes depict the aircraft parked, taxiing down a runway, taking off, in flight, landing, and being inspected by a crowd. One scene, filmed from inside the aircraft, shows tufts along the wing. At 00:03:27, the aircraft performs a roll.

The next segment, beginning at 00:06:35, features the second Learjet 23 prototype (tail number N802L). Scenes depict the aircraft being wheeled out from a hangar, taxiing down a runway, and on display next to prototype N801L. At 00:08:04, William P. Lear is shown walking out to the aircraft and speaking with unidentified people. Afterwards, both prototypes take off, fly in tandem, and land. Lear greets and shakes hands with passengers as they disembark from N802L, and pilots smile for the camera as they disembark from N801L. The footage concludes with another shot of the Lear Jet building. Another reel in the collection contains similar footage of this flight.

Several other aircraft are also visible during the airfield scenes, including a Cessna 175C Skylark (registration number N8309T).

The footage is in color and silent.

Label on container: "A 16mm film entitled 'The Lear Jet.' Produced by Gordon Industrial Films. A Division of Tom P. Gordon Co. Advertising/Public Relations/Industrial Film. [address in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma]."


1960s circa


1 film reel (11 min., 39 sec.) : silent, color ; 16 mm


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