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[Footage of trains, circa 1930s-1960s]
Film footage of trains, circa 1930s-1950s. The footage consists of short clips of various passenger and freight trains at unidentified locations. Visible railway names include Chicago & North Western, Soo Line, Northern Pacific, and Rock…

[Aircraft, aerial views, and travel scenes, circa 1940s-1950s]
Film footage of aircraft, aerial views, and travel scenes, circa 1940s-1950s. The footage contains several segments filmed at unidentified airfields showing various aircraft, mostly commercial airliners, parked, taxiing, and taking off. Airline…

[Note from Milt Meyer]
Handwritten note from Milt Meyer explaining how the album was gifted to him by Frances Milliren, LeRoy Milliren's widow.Item from the inside back cover of the LeRoy Milliren National Air Races photograph album, circa 1920s-1930s. Album contains one…

[Servicemen with observation balloons at U.S. Army Balloon School]
Panoramic photograph of servicemen with six observation balloons at the U.S. Army Balloon School, Ross Field, California, 1918. Inscription in corner: "No. 8659. Copyrighted. Huddleston Photo Co. Los Angeles, Cal." Inscription on verso: "Army Baloon…

Mitchell fought valiantly for a unified air service [Newspaper clipping]
Newspaper clipping, "Mitchell fought valiantly for a unified air service," from The Detroit News, February 20, 1936. Obituary for Brigadier General William L. "Billy" Mitchell, describing his military career, his advocacy for a unified air force, and…

[Château d'Angers, France]
Photograph of Château d'Angers, France, circa 1917-1919.Inscription on album page: "Chateau Angers."Part of a scrapbook related to Edward I. Sproull's military career during and after World War I, circa 1916-1919.

[Event at airfield]
Photograph of an event at an airfield, possibly the Los Angeles International Air Meet that took place at Dominguez Field, Los Angeles in January 1910. One of the balloons in the scene advertises for the "Los Angles Examiner" newspaper.

[Interior rigging of airship]
Photograph of the interior rigging of an airship, undated.

Patch, Occupational/Bill Lear Backpatch
Oval back patch. White background with blue border and lettering: "Bill Lear."

Patch, Occupational/LearAvia Patch
Company patch for "LearAvia," undated. The patch is in the shape of a globe with banner across the middle.
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