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[Event at airfield]
Photograph of an event at an airfield, possibly the Los Angeles International Air Meet that took place at Dominguez Field, Los Angeles in January 1910. One of the balloons in the scene advertises for the "Los Angles Examiner" newspaper.

[Interior rigging of airship]
Photograph of the interior rigging of an airship, undated.

Patch, Occupational/Bill Lear Backpatch
Oval back patch. White background with blue border and lettering: "Bill Lear."

Patch, Occupational/LearAvia Patch
Company patch for "LearAvia," undated. The patch is in the shape of a globe with banner across the middle.

Badge, Identification/Bill Lear nametag
Black plastic nametag for William P. Lear with engraved white text and metal pin back.Engraved on front: "Bill Lear / Probably the World's Lousiest Copilot."

Microphone/Tabletop Microphone with Cable
Microphone designed in silver metal with a circular base the leads up to the microphone head. The head is black and silver with a perforated front piece. Where the base and the head is attached there is a hinge that allows the adjustment of the head.…

Photograph/Mounted Photo of the Caracas, Venezuela Airport
Mounted aerial color photograph of Caracas, Venezuela airport, undated.Caption on verso: "Caracas, Venezula airport the development of Eduardo Baquero and Oscar Benedetti, Lear Fan purchasers."

Mold, Piece/Aircraft Part Mold, Lear
Aircraft part mold constructed out of an unknown plastic like material. The material is designed in an oval shape that has been painted gray.

Plaque/Reno Honorary Citizen, William Lear
Honorary citizen award given to William P. Lear by the Reno Chamber of Commerce, undated. Includes small metal loop on back.Printed on tile on front: "Reno / 'The Biggest Little City in the World.'"Printed on brass plate on front: "William P. Lear /…

Plaque/National Conference of Christians and Jews, William Lear
Distinguished Merit Citation given to William P. Lear by the Brotherhood of Christians and Jews at the National Conference, undated. Includes small brass loop on back.Text: "William P. Lear / Industrial Human Relations Award."
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