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...And On Beyond [Lear, Incorporated promotional film]
Promotional film for Lear, Incorporated, produced by Norman Wright Productions (Hollywood, California) and narrated by Bob Cummings, circa 1960s. The footage opens with a dramatization of an astronaut piloting a futuristic spacecraft on a deep-space…

"And the trench was a reeking shambles" [Stereograph]
Stereograph, "'And the trench was a reeking shambles.' German dead in the La Bassee area," Image number V18858, Keystone View Company, circa 1914-1919. Image of dead servicemen in trenches. Caption on reverse describes the battle at La Bassée…

"Dummy center section" (Four struts with short spars)
Photograph from "Notes on the Caproni 600 night-bombing biplane," a technical report by S. E. Hutton, circa 1919.Caption in report: "Fig. 43 'Dummy center section' (Four struts with short spars)."

"Enemy Airmen Successfully Bombed One of Supply Trains," Official Report [Stereograph]
Stereograph, "'Enemy Airmen Successfully Bombed One of Supply Trains,' Official Report," Set Number 30, Image Number V18927, Keystone View Company, circa 1914-1921. Image of dead horses and ruined carts on a country road. Caption on reverse describes…

"G" sense / issued by Aviation Training Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, U.S. Navy.
"NAVAER 00-80Q-12.""OPNAV 33-3." "December 1943."

"Lear Vapordyne" by Lear Motors Corp.
Informational sheet for the Lear Vapordyne Indy race car, circa 1969-1971. Contains drawings, photographs, and information related to the Vapordyne's development.

"Light Car Talk" and "The Hot Spot on the Piston" [Magazine clippings]
Two magazine clippings, "Light Car Talk" and "The Hot Spot on the Piston," from The Autocar, July 14, 1917. Part of a series of loose materials included inside the J. M. Wilson notebook.

"Luckey" is my name!
Advertisement card for William S. Luckey's exhibition flight at the Isle of Palms, South Carolina, circa 1913-1915.

"Luckiest guy alive" [Clipping, 1940]
Newspaper clipping, "'Luckiest guy alive' - Thrilling accounts of battles in the air" by Charles A. Wagner, from an unidentified publication, March 31, 1940. Reviews Harold E. Hartney's book "Up and At 'Em." Includes photographs of Baron von…

"Maiden Swoon" Sayers
Photograph of a U.S. Army Air Forces serviceman, identified in the inscription as "Maiden Swoon" Sayers, circa 1940s.Inscription on verso: "'Maiden Swoon' Sayers."
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