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The Monographs Collection features digitized monographs (books) held by The Museum of Flight's Harl V. Brackin Memorial Library.

Please note that materials on TMOF: Digital Collections are presented as historical objects and are unaltered and uncensored. Some items in this particular collection contain derogatory content, such as pejorative language or depictions of racial stereotypes. See our Disclaimers and Policies page for more information.

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Monographs Collection

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History 1 July 1945 to 5 October 1945 : 3094th AAF Base Unit (Factory School), Boeing Aircraft Company, 6600 Ellis Avenue, Seattle 8, Washington.
Unbound (loose pages), hand typed. "Superfortress school." "5 October 1945, the date of deactivation." Include bibliography and section titled: Supporting Documents.

History 1 May 1945 to 30 June 1945 : 3711th AAF Base Unit (Factory School), Boeing Aircraft Company, 660 Ellis Avenue, Seattle 8, Washington.
Bound, hand typed. "Superfortress School." Includes bibliography and sections titled: Supporting Documents.

2563 AAF Base Unit : 44-W-9.
Next to last class to graduate. 44-W-10 was last before deactivation.

Rules and instructions for government of pilots, mechanics and riggers.
Date for this item was determined by a Dahlberg research volunteer to be 1918. His source was "Mavericks of the Sky: the first daring pilots of the U.S. Air Mail" by Barry Rosenberg, and Catherine Macaulay. Notes on top of page 282.
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