Series VI - Glenn Curtiss, 1910-1915


Series VI - Glenn Curtiss, 1910-1915


Glenn Curtiss, 1910-1915


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King of the Air [sheet music, 1910]
Sheet music for "King of the Air" by Julius K. Johnson, published by the Koninsky Music Company, 1910. Cover illustration depicts Glenn H. Curtiss piloting the Hudson Flyer. Text on cover: "Respectfully dedicated, by permission, to Mr. Glenn H.…

[Letter to Mr. Hall, February 3, 1915]
Letter to Mr. Hall regarding the America Flying Boat, February 3, 1915. Two handwritten pages on Golden State stationery.

[Glenn Curtis piloting Curtiss-Herring No.1 "Reims Racer" aircraft]
Postcard of Glenn Curtis piloting the Curtiss-Herring No.1 "Reims Racer" aircraft, January 1, 1910. Addressed to Fannie Sayago of Guayaquil, Ecuador, from J. Alfred Fermin. Inscription on front and verso are in French. Typed caption: "Nos Aeroplanes…
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