C. Ashby Shoop Aviation Collection


C. Ashby Shoop Aviation Collection


The C. Ashby Shoop Aviation Collection is a small collection containing visual and textual materials related to various aircraft, circa 1929-1970s.

Nine photographs in the collection depict primarily aircraft, including the Northrop YB-49, Boeing B-17, Boeing/Northop B-2, Cessna CG-2, and Cessna CW-6. Other images depict General Dynamics AGM-109 and one photograph features a pilot, possibly Shoop, exiting an obscured aircraft. The photographs are 8x10" and are a mix of color and black-and-white prints.

Other materials include clippings about Beechcraft, booklets and a clipping about the B-2, and assorted photocopies and lithographs of various aircraft. Also included is a single sheet document that includes the lyrics for "The Grasshopper Song," 1942.

Digitized Materials: Two photographs of Cessna aircraft and the song lyrics have been digitized from this collection.

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circa 1929-1970s


Shoop, C. Ashby


All materials are in English.

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[Cessna CW-6 aircraft on display at 1929 Auto Show]
Photograph of a Cessna CW-6 aircraft (tail number 6446) on hanging display at the 1929 Auto Show, Wichita, Kansas, circa 1929. Several cars are also on display below the aircraft. Inscription on verso: "CW-6 Cessna."

[Men with Cessna CG-2 Glider]
Photograph of a group of men with a Cessna CG-2 Glider, circa 1930s. Inscription on verso: "Cessna Glider CG-2."

The "Grasshopper" Song [lyrics]
Song lyrics for "The 'Grasshopper' Song," circa 1942. Two typed pages.
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