Series II - Lear Avia Inc., 1884-1946, 1957, 1975, 1998, undated


Series II - Lear Avia Inc., 1884-1946, 1957, 1975, 1998, undated


Lear Avia Inc., 1884-1946, 1957, 1975, 1998, undated


2000-06-20, Series II

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1944 National Advertisements
Brochure containing six advertisements for Lear Avia and Lear, Incorporated products, circa 1944. The ads describe the wartime utility of electric motors and actuators, and ask potential customers for ideas on how the products can be similarly useful…

Learadio notes on direction finding!
Notes written by William P. Lear about the utility of automatic direction finders, circa 1940. Describes a flight from New York to Dayon, Ohio in Lear's Waco aircraft and how a Lear ADF-8 helped him navigate despite static from a thunderstorm.…

[Patent application for Gyromatic Radio Compass]
Patent application for the Gyromatic Radio Compass submitted by William P. Lear, October 30, 1944. 24 typed pages.

Learadio Type UT-6 Transmitter instruction book
Instruction booklet for the Learadio UT-6 Transmitter, issued April 4, 1940. Ten typed pages.

1st Annual Lear-Avia Inc. Grand Rapids Branch Picnic
Panoramic photographic portrait of Lear Avia staff and their families at the Grand Rapids Branch Picnic, Johnson Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 28, 1943.Caption: "1st Annual Lear-Avia INC. Grand Rapids Branch Picnic / Johnson Park / Aug. 28,…

[Amelia Earhart and William P. Lear]
Photograph of Amelia Earhart and William P. Lear, circa 1930s.Inscription on verso: "[G. P. Putnam?]."

[Sydney Nesbitt presenting Learadio Model APR-A portable receiver to Katherine Rawls Thompson]
Photograph of Sydney Nesbitt (left) presenting a Learadio Model APR-A portable receiver to Katherine Rawls Thompson, winner of the Alcazar Trophy Race, Miami, Florida, January 1941. An unidentified U.S. Marine Corps serviceman stands in the…

[Betsy Ross using Learadio portable receiver]
Photograph of pilot Betsy Ross using a Learadio portable receiver in the cockpit of her Taylorcraft aircraft, August 20, 1940. An accompanying press release describes Ross's recent flight from Harrisburg Pennsylvania State Airport, noted as the first…

[Learadio portable receiver]
Photograph of a Learadio portable receiver, circa 1930s-1940s.Inscription: "Portable 2-band battery-operated receiver used thru-out WW2 by many USAF [personnel?] here and all over world."

[Learmatic navigator]
Photograph of a Learmatic navigator, circa 1940s.Inscription: "Learmatic navigator combining directional gyro with adjustable [illegible] and automatic and/or manual loop [rotator?]."
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