Minnie M. Boyd Collection on The Ninety-Nines


Minnie M. Boyd Collection on The Ninety-Nines


The Minnie M. Boyd Collection on The Ninety-Nines primarily relates to the Eastern Washington Chapter and the Northwest Section of the Ninety-Nines, Inc., although other chapters and sections are included to a lesser extent, from the 1950s-1990s.

The collection, gathered by Minnie M. Boyd during her time as an active member of the Ninety-Nines, contains organizational records, including chapter constitutions and by-laws, meeting agendas and minutes, and financial reports, as well as election materials. Correspondence relating to organizational matters, such as dues, service reports for various chapters, and election discussions, as well as internal struggles within the association, is also included. Some correspondence features community service efforts for the 99s air marking program.

The membership series includes member materials, such as informational packets on who and what the 99s are, various chapter newsletters and mailer updates, thirty-eight (38) member directories dating from 1954-1985, and a membership handbook, as well as convention and annual meeting programs. Additional materials covering the All-Women Transcontinental Air Race (AWTAR), also known as the Powder Puff Derby, for 1956-1961, 1966, and 1968 include insurance forms, applications for entry, official contestant lists, official results, monetary contributions by Ninety-Nines, handicap speeds for various aircraft models, sunrise and sunset tables, news releases and publicity sheets, and rules and regulations, as well as navigational maps and charts for U.S. airfields and airports involved in the race.

At the end of the collection, there are some clippings and photographs related to the activities and members of the Ninety-Nines, Inc., in addition to publications such as newsletters, histories, and a cookbook. Other ephemera, include 99s letterhead, decals, booklets that discuss proper attire for female pilots, and the lyrics for an untitled 99s song.

Digitized Materials: Only the photographs and cookbook have been digitized from this collection.

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circa 1920s-1998 (bulk dates 1950s-1990s)


Boyd, Minnie M.



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Northwest 99 Stove Pilot Cookbook
Cookbook titled "Northwest 99 Stove Pilot Cookbook," created by the Northwest chapter of the Ninety-Nines (International Organization of Women Pilots), 1958. Cover includes a hand-drawn illustration of states from the Northwest region of the…

[Minnie M. Boyd with Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer]
Photograph of Minnie M. Boyd standing next to a Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer aircraft (tail number N2506P), circa 1970s.

[Young girl with Standard J-1]
Photograph of a young girl, possibly Minnie M. Boyd, standing next to a Standard J-1 aircraft (tail number 4976) that is parked in a field, Washington State, November 22, 1929. Stamped on verso: "Graves Studio. Nov 22 1929. Pullman. Wash."

[Unidentified woman]
Photograph of an unidentified woman, circa 1910s-1940s.

[Minnie M. Boyd and woman with Erco 415C Ercoupe]
Photograph of Minnie M. Boyd (right) and an unidentified woman standing on the wings of a parked Erco 415C Ercoupe aircraft, Washington State, circa 1930s-1950s. The sign on the hangar behind them reads: "Wallace Air Service."Stamped on verso:…

[Amelia Earhart]
Photograph of Amelia Earhart walking in front of buildings, circa 1920s-1930s.Inscription on verso: "Amelia Earhart."

[Women and men in bar]
Photograph of women and American servicemen in a bar, circa 1940s. The woman on the right wearing glasses is possibly Minnie M. Boyd.
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