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Joseph Kimm oral history interview
Born-digital video recording of an oral history with Joseph Kimm and interviewer Dan Hagedorn, recorded as part of The Museum of Flight Oral History Program, May 31, 2013.

[Footage from American Airlines flights to Washington, D.C. and Chicago (Illinois), circa 1940s]
Film footage taken during two American Airlines flights, one to Washington, D.C. and one to Chicago (Illinois), circa 1940s. Most of the footage is of the Washington, D.C. trip. The footage begins with shots of Edward Wood, the Earl of Halifax,…

[Business card for Harold Crary, United Air Lines]
Business card for Harold Crary, Director of Advertising and News Service for United Air Lines, circa 1920s-1930s.

[North Pond at Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois]
Photograph of North Pond at Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois, circa 1917-1918.Inscription: "Lincoln Pk. Chicago. North Pond."Part of a photograph album related to C. E. Roy's service with the U.S. Navy at Key West Naval Air Station, Florida, circa…
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