[Audio recording of William P. Lear discussing his life story (Part 2 of 3)]



[Audio recording of William P. Lear discussing his life story (Part 2 of 3)]


Audio recording of William P. Lear discussing his life story, Geneva, Switzerland, circa 1960s. Part 2 of 3.

Handwritten label on reel: "Digital 7/99. Side 1. Lear story, tape two."

Handwritten label on box: "Tape 1 and 2, 7-62. Digital preservation 7-26-99. Bio 10-20s. AIFF-Format. WPL audio."


These audio recordings contain a three-part oral history of William P. Lear, recorded at the Lear home in Geneva, Switzerland, circa 1960s. In Part Two, Lear continues to discuss his engineering career in Chicago, Illinois during the mid-1920s and early 1930s, including his transition from automobile radios to aircraft radio equipment. He also begins to discuss his move to New York in 1934. Other topics discussed include his early aviation experiences; stories about Reeder Nichols, Clyde Pangborn, and other aviators; and a navigation race in Florida in the mid-1930s, which is continued in Part Three. Lear’s son, Bill Lear Jr., is also briefly heard.

During the recording, Lear references a person named Jean (possibly “Jeanne” or “Gene”), who asked for autobiographical information about Lear.

Table Of Contents

Experiences in Chicago, Illinois as a radio engineer, continued from Part One -- Aviation experiences and memorable flights; personal life in Chicago -- Stories about the automobile radio business; transition to aircraft radio development -- Move to New York; stories about aviators -- Navigation race in Florida


1960s circa


1 sound reel (2 hr., 11 min., 42 sec.) : analog ; 1/4 in


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The William P. and Moya Olsen Lear Papers/The Museum of Flight