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Trophy/Statuette for Crystal Eagle Award, 1986, Aero Club of Northern California to William P. Lear
Part of Crystal Eagle Award given to William P. Lear by the Aero Club of Northern California, 1986. The award is in two pieces: this is the top half, a crystal shaped like an eagle in flight.

Plaque/First Production of 8 Track Player, William Lear, 1968
Plaque constructed out of a tan wood base. On the top of the base is a dark brown wood with a golden metal 8 track player. There is a golden colored plate adhered to the base that has the text, "In recognition and gratitude by the employees of Lear…

Calendar/Moya Lear Memorial, Celebrating a Century
Spiral-bound calendar created by Moya Olsen Lear, likely as a gift for family and friends. White cover with black and white pages. Printed on first page after cover: "The following pages record a few of my memories of the last century for you and…

Gyroscope/Lear Gyroscope Assembly, SBK-8/A24G4A
Gyroscope constructed out of black metal and steel. The main circular form is secured to a rectangular base. There are multiple assembly and handling instructions stenciled in white paint throughout the surface. There are also four cream color…

Amplifier/Lear Amplifier, Type L-102, Autopilot
Amplifier in a black metal rectangular case. The components of the machinery are exposed and are connected by wires and screws. The front of the object has a Lear, Inc. logo in blue, red, and silver and a manufacturer label with the following…

Plaque/The Research Director's Association of Chicago, William Lear, 1970
Entrepreneur of the Year Award given to William P. Lear by the Research Directors' Association of Chicago, May 1970. A paper certificate is mounted under clear acrylic affixed to a wood base. Text: "The Research Directors' Association of Chicago /…

Patch, Occupational/Bill Lear Backpatch
Oval back patch. White background with blue border and lettering: "Bill Lear."

Patch, Occupational/LearAvia Patch
Company patch for "LearAvia," undated. The patch is in the shape of a globe with banner across the middle.

Pin, Lapel/Lear Fan Lapel Pin
Lear Fan lapel pin with butterfly clutch back. The pin is broken; the plane has broken loose from main part.

Badge, Identification/Bill Lear nametag
Black plastic nametag for William P. Lear with engraved white text and metal pin back.Engraved on front: "Bill Lear / Probably the World's Lousiest Copilot."
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