They bomb the Axis [Eighth Army Air Force airmen]

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They bomb the Axis [Eighth Army Air Force airmen]


Photograph of a large group of airmen of the Eighth Army Air Force, United States Army Air Forces, circa 1943-1945.

Typed caption glued to verso: "They bomb the Axis. Under command of Col. Ted Timberlake of the 8th U.S. Army Air Force, these American pilots, flying Liberator bombers, are among the Allied airmen hammering at the industrial and military targets in Germany and occupied countries. Previously, these same men protected the North African landing operations and then fought in the Battle of Tunisia. 13837-PNT. Not for use in Western Hemisphere. Approved by appropriate U.S. authority."

Stamped on verso: "Important. Not for use in Western Hemisphere.”


1943-1945 circa

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The Lee Embree Collection/The Museum of Flight