[Footage from American Airlines flights between New York, Michigan, and Massachusetts, circa 1940s]


[Footage from American Airlines flights between New York, Michigan, and Massachusetts, circa 1940s]


Film footage taken during American Airlines flights between New York City (New York), Detroit (Michigan), and Boston (Massachusetts), including travel footage in those cities, circa 1940s. The footage begins with shots of American Airlines Douglas DC-3 aircraft (visible tail numbers NC17334, NC16018, NC16109) at an unidentified airport and shots of flight attendants and pilots in their uniforms. The film then depicts flyovers of New York, Detroit, and Niagara Falls. This is followed by travel footage of various landmarks, including the 42nd Street Airlines Terminal, the Manhattan skyline as seen from the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and East River, street scenes in Boston, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's house, the Charles River, Faneuil Hall, the Bunker Hill Monument, and Paul Revere's house. Apart from the DC-3 airliners, two other aircraft also appear in the footage: a United Airlines Douglas DC-4 (tail number NX18100) at 00:02:30 and a Pan American Clipper at 00:11:44.

The footage is in color and is silent.

Several title cards appear throughout the footage:
00:00:10 - "Activity at the airport before leaving"
00:02:01 - "Our stewardess and pilot."
00:02:19 - "The original DC-4 -- we couldn't go in this one."
00:03:38 - "Over the overcast -- on our way to New York."
00:04:26 - "Landing at Detroit Airport."
00:05:30 - "Niagara Falls from 2000 ft. and 4000 ft."
00:07:38 - "Airline terminal in New York City."
00:08:15 - "Views from Empire State Bldg. -- 102nd floor."
00:09:45 - "Brooklyn Bridge and East River."
00:10:59 - "Leaving New York from La Guardia Field."
00:11:40 - "Look quick: A PAA Clipper."
00:11:48 - "Longfellow's home and a quick look at Boston."

Label on film container: "Boston to New York."


1940s circa


1 film reel (15 min.) : silent, color ; 8 mm


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The Catherine Wingfield Flight Attendant Collection/The Museum of Flight