[Footage from American Airlines flights to Washington, D.C. and Chicago (Illinois), circa 1940s]


[Footage from American Airlines flights to Washington, D.C. and Chicago (Illinois), circa 1940s]


Film footage taken during two American Airlines flights, one to Washington, D.C. and one to Chicago (Illinois), circa 1940s. Most of the footage is of the Washington, D.C. trip. The footage begins with shots of Edward Wood, the Earl of Halifax, boarding the unidentified airliner, then transitions to aerial shots taken during flight. The next section is comprised of travel footage of various Washington, D.C. landmarks, such as the Capitol Building, the White House, the Washington Monument, the Supreme Court building, the Lincoln Memorial, and other buildings and street scenes. Also included are shots of Mount Vernon and possibly other locations in Virginia. The segment beginning at 00:08:27 features a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The final segment features aerial shots taken during the airliner's arrival in Chicago, including smoke plumes from a fire, followed by on-the-ground shots of an American Airlines Douglas DC-3 landing at the airport. The footage ends with a shot of a parachutist descending over a field.

The footage is in color and is silent.

Several title cards appear throughout the footage:
00:00:15 - "On our way to Washington, D.C. -- And in distinguished company -- Lord Halifax."
00:10:20 - "Arriving in Chicago over the south side."
00:11:03 - "Elevator fire in South Chicago."
00:11:24 - "Landing at Chicago."
00:11:51 - "This passenger forgot to get off in time."

Label on film container: "Chicago to Washington D.C."


1940s circa


1 film reel (12 min., 29 sec.) : silent, color ; 8 mm


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The Catherine Wingfield Flight Attendant Collection/The Museum of Flight