[Airport activities and aerial views, circa 1939]


[Airport activities and aerial views, circa 1939]


Film footage of airport activities and aerial views, circa 1939. The footage is mostly comprised of shots taken at an unidentified airport and aerial views taken from aircraft in flight. The airport scenes show airliners taking off and landing, passengers embarking and disembarking, and flight and ground crews at work. Identified aircraft include:

00:00:20 - Prototype Douglas DC-4E
00:03:27 - "Flagship Connecticut," an American Airlines Douglas DC-3
00:04:17 - Douglas DC-2 (wing number NC13728)
00:04:32 - Northwest Airlines Lockheed Model 14 Super Electra
00:04:41 - "Flagship Arkansas," an American Airlines Douglas DC-3

The aerial views show cities, towns, mountains (possibly the Cascades), and other terrain. A wing is visible in some of these scenes, which displays the initials "NWA" (Northwest Airlines). The footage also includes a brief clip of boating activities. At the end of the footage is a 1933 Mickey Mouse cartoon, "Mickey Goes Courting," which has been removed from the access copy.

The footage is in color and is silent.


1939 circa


1 film reel (17 min., 10 sec.) : silent, color ; 8 mm


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The Robert L. Simons Collection/The Museum of Flight