[Wright Model EX "Vin Fiz" aircraft]

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[Wright Model EX "Vin Fiz" aircraft]


Postcard of the Wright Model EX "Vin Fiz" aircraft, circa 1911. A picture of Calbraith Perry Rodgers is inset on the lower right. The verso features an inscription written by Rodgers' wife Mabel, noting that he carried the postcard in the "Vin Fiz" during a flight across Arizona, as well as a signature ("Mamma") from Rodgers' mother. The card is addressed to Rodgers's sister, Martha Pease, in Hempstead, New Jersey. Also includes a 1-cent U.S. postage stamp, a 25-cent commemorative stamp of the "Vin Fiz," and postmark dated November 4, 1911.

Caption: "The famous 'Vin Fiz' Flyer used by C. P. Rodgers in his flight from New York to California, for Heart $50,000 prize."

Inscription on verso: "Calbraith carried this on his Wright Model EX (racing) aeroplane from Tucson Ariz. To Phoenix. Keep it as a souvenir."

Inscription on accompanying envelope: "Framed postcard with Vin Fiz stamp / This belongs to Pat [Boyd?] / April 1, 1991 / Auntie gave me this after Uncle Perry died. [illegible]. You should have it."


1911 circa


1 postcard : photomechanical print, black and white ; 14 x 7 cm + 1 envelope (27 x 12 cm)


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The Cynthia P. Bayne Calbraith Perry Rodgers Vin Fiz Collection/The Museum of Flight