Box: One, Folder: 1 - Personnel file, 1941-1943


Box: One, Folder: 1 - Personnel file, 1941-1943


Personnel file, 1941-1943


2007-08-08, Box: One, Folder: 1

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Officer's identification card [Lee Embree]
Officer's identification card issued by the United States Army for Lee Embree, January 11, 1943. Includes a photograph of Embree and a set of fingerprints.

[Immunization registers and eyeglasses prescription]
Military immunization registers and eyeglasses prescription for Lee Embree, circa 1941-1945. Five (5) pages.

Immunization certificate [Lee Embree]
Immunization certificate issued by the Department of Defense for Lee Embree, March 1954. Two (2) pages.

Separation record [Lee Embree]
Military separation record for Lee Embree, United States Army, January 18, 1946. One (1) page.

Special Orders No. 263 [Granting leaves of absence and travel time]
Special Orders No. 263, Army Service Forces, Ninth Service Command, October 13, 1945. Grants leaves of absence and travel time to military personnel, including Lee Embree. Two (2) pages.

Special Orders No. 284 [Assigning leave]
Special Orders No. 284, Army Service Forces, Ninth Service Command, October 11, 1945. Assigns leave to military personnel. One (1) page.

Processing schedule [Separation from military service]
Processing schedule, Officers Affairs Branch, Separation Center, October 1945. Lee Embree is included in the list of military personnel separating from service. One (1) page.

[Certificate of hospital discharge]
Certificate of hospital discharge issued by the Pasadena Army Service Forces Regional Station Hospital to Lee Embree, August 31, 1945. One (1) page.

[Memorandum requesting stateside duty for Lee Embree, May 16, 1945]
Memorandum to the United States Army Services of Supply (USASOS) from James A. Castellaw, United States Army Signal Corps, May 16, 1945. Requests temporary stateside duty for Lee Embree so that he may be with his wife, whose mother has recently died…

[Memorandum noting monthly rotation quota orders, May 19, 1945]
Memorandum from Charles J. O’Rourke, United States Army Services of Supply, May 19, 1945. Notes orders related to the monthly rotation quota, including details for Lee Embree's temporary stateside assignment. Two (2) pages.
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