[Footage of French fighter ace Georges Guynemer and Pfalz aircraft, circa 1930s-1950s]


[Footage of French fighter ace Georges Guynemer and Pfalz aircraft, circa 1930s-1950s]


Film footage of French fighter ace Georges Guynemer and a Pfalz aircraft, circa 1930s-1950s. The first segment, titled "Guynemer, French 'Ace of Aces,'" was produced by Great Oak Studios in 1955 and edited by G. B. Jarrett. It features vintage World War I-era footage of Guynemer during a military ceremony and piloting aircraft, intercut with still-shots of photographs and documents related to his service. Guynemer's aircraft, "Vieux Charles," is also shown. The next segment, which begins at 00:04:14, is titled "An Old War Bird," produced by Joseph E. Aiken and G. B. Jarrett in 1939. It features footage of Pfalz D.XII aircraft on the ground, taking off, in flight, and landing. The in-flight scenes are filmed from another aircraft. At the end of the footage are short clips from two films: "The Adventurer" (1917), starring Charlie Chaplin, and "Killing the Killer" (circa 1930), a documentary produced by Ufa, showing a fight between a mongoose and cobra. These film clips have been removed from the access copy.

The footage is in black-and-white and is silent.

Several title cards appear throughout the footage:
00:00:20 - "Le Sous-Lieutenant Guynemer"
00:04:45 - "Switch off"
00:05:03 - "Contact"
00:07:45 - "The old ship is as stout as ever. This is proven by a rough landing. Watch it!"

Label on film container: "1 Guynemer 2. Old War Bird (Pfalz) 3. Charlie Chaplin 4. Mongoose & the Cobra."


1930s-1950s circa


1 film reel (16 min., 32 sec.) : silent, black and white ; 8 mm

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