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[Destroyed buildings at Liuchow Airfield]
Photograph of destroyed buildings at Liuchow Airfield, China, circa 1940s.Typed on verso: "From: Public Relations Office, Fourteenth Air Force. Code 11090700, Release Upon Receipt, Cleared Goldberg USF CT. Fourteenth Air Force Headquarters,…

[Soldiers with destroyed buildings]
Photograph of United States Army soldiers standing amongst the rubble from destroyed buildings, likely somewhere in the Pacific Islands, circa 1942-1945.

Allied forces roll through Resina, Italy
Photograph of people watching as Allied military vehicles drive through a street lined with damaged buildings, Resina, Italy, circa 1943-1944.Typed caption glued to verso: "Allied forces roll through Resina, Italy. Residents of Resina, Italy, gather…

Allied hospital ship bombed by Germans [HMHS Newfoundland]
Photograph of the damaged HMHS Newfoundland, an Allied hospital ship, after being bombed by German forces, Salerno, Italy, circa September 1943.Typed caption glued to verso: "Allied hospital ship bombed by Germans. This Allied hospital ship, the…

German repair shop wrecked by Allied bombs
Photograph of damaged buildings, including a German armament repair shop, near Torre Annunziata, Italy, circa 1943.Typed caption glued to verso: "German repair shop wrecked by Allied bombs. This German armament repair shop near Torre Annunziata,…

U.S. troops enter Acerno
Photograph of American soldiers walking past damaged buildings in Acerno, Italy, circa 1943. Typed caption glued to verso: "U.S. troops enter Acerno. American soldiers enter the wrecked square of Acerno, Italy, as German troops retreated northward.…

[Damaged building]
Photograph of a damaged building, circa 1940s.

[Aerial view of Cunel, France]
Oblique aerial photograph of destroyed buildings in Cunel, France, circa 1917-1919. Photo from album page 16.Inscription: "Cunel. 309.9-285.2. 140270. B.122."Part of the Frederick Staples photograph album containing twenty eight (28) black-and-white…

[Defoliated area in Vietnam]
Photograph of a defoliated area of the Sác Forest in Vietnam, circa 1970-1971.Caption from donor: "Defoliated area in the Rung Sac (translation: salty forest) area of Vietnam. This area was south of Saigon in the delta."

[Soldiers inspecting mortar damage]
Photograph of United States Army soldiers inspecting a hospital building damaged by a mortar attack at Fire Base Bearcat, Vietnam, circa 1970-1971. Caption from donor: "Rocket attack hit outside of the hospital at Bear Cat."
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