[Learadio loop antenna]

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[Learadio loop antenna]


Composite photograph of a Learadio loop antenna, showing two views of the internal components, circa 1931-1939. The caption describes the antenna's development and specifications.

Typed caption on verso: "H. Shows an early attempt to tune the loop antenna at the antenna, itself, to eliminate the losses attendant to a long loop line. Also you will note that there were two loops in the fore and aft plan, one for the broadcast band, and one for the beacon or 200-400 KC band. There were also two loops in the A beam plan which were considered for the purpose of eliminating the vertical antenna requirement as it was thought if the ?vertical? [sic] antenna problem could be eliminated, the problems of precipitation static could be eliminated."


1931-1939 circa


1 photograph : black and white ; 8 x 10 in

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The William P. and Moya Olsen Lear Papers/The Museum of Flight